An incomplete selection of a few of our favorite websites:


For purchasing plants –

Grassy Knoll Exotic – The largest collection of Passiflora for sale in the US. Elizabeth is a dear friend, sweet person, and always sells great plants. You can’t go wrong with Passiflora purchased here. She is also starting to expand into new territory with Proteaceae, Stapeliads, and some other fun rare plants.
Brushwood – Dan has been growing and selling vines of all kinds for many years and is now starting to increase his Passiflora offerings. His vines are some of the largest and healthiest I have ever purchased from an online nursery. To top it off, Brushwood is the exclusive seller of many of our hybrids!
Passiflorista on Ebay – Jim is one of the best Passiflora breeders in the US, and sells his hybrids online along with many other Passiflora and a few other assorted goodies. You can always count on great plants from Passiflorista.


For information –

Passiflora OnlineMyles Irvine Passiflora – This is the preeminent website for all information Passiflora, from how to germinate seeds to incredible high quality SEM digital microscopic images of pollen! There are few stones unturned regarding Passiflora on this site.

For clubs –

Passiflora Society – This is the official site of the International Society. I heard a rumor that things may be changing drastically on this site!
Facebook Passiflora Online – Started by Myles in 2007, it has grown to nearly 1000 members. Without this group, I would not have met many wonderful friends all over the world.
Flickr Passiflora Group – Primarily just photos, but thousands of them!
Forummotion Passiflora – Another forum for Passiflora!