Passiflora biflora

What a performer!  This Passiflora biflora is extremely free flowering!  It lives true to its species name and usually has two flowers open on the same node.  The pretty green sepals and white petals contrast nicely with its green and yellow filaments!

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We have multiple clones of Passiflora biflora, but our main performer is this fat leafed Florida clone.  It is the variant in our collection with the largest leaves, hence our description.  Many people have claimed that Passiflora biflora is self fertile and there are many pictures of Passiflora biflora out there on the World Wide Web with fruits all over it.  Our clone does not set fruit unless hand-pollinated with a different Decaloba that it is compatible with, and even that is sketchy.  This is not a big deal for me at all though since it blooms constantly when it is warm out which is typically early spring through mid-autumn for us.  I guess it makes up for not producing fruit by producing even more flowers!  That works for me!