Passiflora ‘Voodoo’

This hybrid was quite a surprise since we never would’ve thought that combining these parents would produce an offspring with this coloration.  It reminded us of Patrick Worley’s cross Passiflora ‘Witchcraft’ which is why we felt it should be given a name in homage of  his wonderful cross.

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Passiflora ‘Witchcraft’ is a darker color than Passiflora ‘Voodoo’ but very similar in growth habit and bloom time.  Passiflora ‘Voodoo’ blooms in late summer through first frost and if given some protection during the winter, it will continue to bloom indoors throughout most of the winter too!  We have not yet tested Passiflora ‘Voodoo’ outdoors, so the minimum temperature is unknown at this point.  Both of its parents are quite tolerant of cold, so I would guess that it could easily handle mid to lower 20’s during the winter.  We will probably test this one outdoors this year, so we will keep you posted on what we learn.  Passiflora ‘Voodoo’ is a sibling to Passiflora ‘Wicca’.  We thought it would be fun to keep to the dark and wicked naming convention that was started with Passiflora ‘Witchcraft’.