Passiflora ‘Wicca’

Passiflora ‘Wicca’ is a sibling of Passiflora ‘Voodoo’.  We also named this hybrid in homage to  Patrick Worley’s hybrid Passiflora ‘Witchcraft’.

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Passiflora ‘Wicca’ is a darker color than Passiflora ‘Voodoo’, but not as dark as Passiflora ‘Witchcraft’.  It blooms for us in late summer through first frost and will continue blooming throughout the winter if given protection.  We do not know the minimum temperatures this hybrid can take since we have not tested it outdoors in our climate, but I would guess that it can handle mid to lower 20’s.  We will be testing that very soon.

I find it amusing that P. ‘Voodoo’, P. ‘Wicca’ and P. ‘Witchcraft’ all bloom heavily during the Halloween holiday.  It makes our Halloween a bit more spooky!