Passiflora ‘Andromeda’

Wow, this was the very first hybrid that Eric made.  He was the one who caught the hybridizing bug early on.

It is a 2005 hybrid and it took quite a few years before it bloomed.

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That is partially true.  It did bloom for us indoors once, but we missed it!  After that, it went through quite a few years of torture and neglect.  Once we gave it a bit of sun and water it started blooming for us!  Amazing what you can get when you actually give a plant a little TLC.

This cross has been done time and time again, but since it is our very first cross it has to have a spot in our hearts and our garden.  It is a nice vine and is quite undemanding.  Since it’s parents are both quite cold hardy, it has no issues standing up to the cold even when I feel like the earth is freezing over!  We have only gotten down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit in our yard, but that is enough for me to feel like we are going through an ice age!  I am not cold tolerant, so I’m glad this plant is!  It even stands up to the heat without missing a beat.  Passiflora ‘Andromeda’ blooms the most in spring, but it also blooms for us sporadically throughout the summer and fall.