Passiflora arida

I learned the hard way to not always take the species name literal!  Passiflora arida really didn’t like our climate or growing conditions.

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I guess this isn’t very fair to the plant.  We have only had the opportunity to grow this plant once and it didn’t even survive a year.  I thought that it would be just as easy to grow as the many Passiflora foetida varieties that we are growing, but I was wrong.  It never really thrived for me, and died after a few months of what must have been torture for the poor thing.  I assumed with its name being arida that it would be quite tolerant of heat and just a tad less water, I guess I was wrong.  This was a very short lived plant for us.  Maybe I’ll give it a try in the future, but for now its place is quite low on my Dysosmia list!