Passiflora cobanensis

Before going to Belize, I made list of plants that I wanted to see growing in their natural environment.  Passiflora cobanensis was one of the ones on that list.

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I have always adored the Xeragona types and I was really hoping to find one in the wild that I hadn’t seen in person before.  I even mapped out areas in advance where I was pretty certain that we could find them.

Boy oh boy, is this Passiflora good at camouflaging itself in with other plant species!  I had passed by Passiflora cobanensis many times before I realized what it was!  It was so variable, being anywhere from a small perennial looking plant with single lobed leaves and no tendrils, to a huge massive vine that consumed surrounding trees with leaves that matched its own!  It was everywhere!  Once we were able to ID Passiflora cobanensis I became obsessed with finding flowers.  Luck would have it that we did find a couple of plants with blooms!  Yippee!!!!  The flowers are  under 2 inches, but what they lack in size they make up for in color!  The green, red and yellow are a beautiful combination!  I was so incredibly happy to find it in the wild and even happier to see it in bloom!  Passiflora cobanensis is a wonderful species with lots of character!  I’m glad that we had a chance to enjoy it!