Passiflora aurantia

Ahhhh, old world Passiflora.  What Pasiflora lover doesn’t daydream about this odd but wonderful group of vines?

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Passiflora aurantia is a fun, fun, fun species to grow!  It opens a nice creamy color and then over a 4 day period, you get to watch it gradually get deeper and deeper in color!  How much more fun could you ask for?  Yeah I know, I’ve been told many times that I’m easily entertained.  Say what you like, Passiflora aurantia is so much fun to watch as it transforms from a pretty little peach to a flaming sunset.  Ahhh, it is so nice.  In our hot, dry climate Passiflora aurantia blooms heavily in late winter through spring with a few flowers popping up here and there the rest of the year.