Passiflora amalocarpa

Adorable flowers and beautiful leaves, what more could you ask for in a vine?  How about super easy to grow and it can all be done in a small container!

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Passiflora amalocarpa is all this and more!  It is such an undemanding vine that flowers continuously.  It is a vigorous vine,  but unlike some of the Passiflora species out there that can take over your whole yard, Passiflora amalocarpa mantains its ability to remain dainty in its take over!  Don’t worry, Passiflora amalocarpa can be kept in bounds quite easily.  I just get a bit lazy during the dog days of summer and allow some of my vines to go wander about on their own.

What makes it fun is that its leaves change drastically depending on where it is reaching out to.  In shade you get narrow leaves with deep variegation.  In sun, the leaves get larger with less variegation.  When it is in between the two you get a mixture of both creating a lovely little specimen.  As if the leaves weren’t enough to make you want to grow this little cutie, its ability to flower will have you wanting more!  It just keeps going and going, providing a plethora of flowers almost daily, with several hundred in a season.  This is quite a surprise since we get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer with single digit humidity!  This plant is a trooper and is one of the reasons I love growing Decaloba Passiflora……..many of them have beautiful foliage and are just so darn easy to bloom.  They give an impatient gardener something to enjoy and quite a show to boot!