Passiflora ‘Pixie’

Passiflora ‘Pixie’ is a dainty little vine with a purple tint to the undersides of  the leaves.  When Passiflora ‘Pixie’ started making flowers buds for the first time, I wondered why on earth did we make this cross!  I was thinking how boring this hybrid will probably be, we probably should just toss it.

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Thank goodness I waited for this little cutie to bloom!  It is a charming little Passiflora that has very vibrant flowers and pretty foliage adding to its appeal!  This Passiflora will not be taking a trip to the compost bin after all!  I’m glad that Eric makes me wait until they bloom before making a decision.  I would have been upset if I would’ve lost this darling little Passiflora ‘Pixie’