Passiflora allantophylla

What a charming, tiny little thing!  Passiflora allantophylla maybe one of those that most people look past when looking for that new Passiflora to add to their collection, but I find its diminutive size endearing and rewarding.

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Yes, it is very small for a Passiflora flower, but what it lacks for in size it makes up for in performance!  It has dainty little leaves to go along with those small little flowers making it very proportionate.  It is very free flowering and is so adorable when spilling over the edge of containers!  It makes a great addition to the planter with your prize Passiflora that you have been waiting to bloom……at least you will have something to look at while you’re waiting!  This is a fun and rewarding Passiflora for anyone who likes instant gratification or who just wants a vine that doesn’t consume their yard!