Passiflora ‘Atropos’

This was my second hybrid to bloom for me and boy, oh boy was I excited!  Finally, a Passiflora hybrid that I  thought was worthy of registering.  Then the PSI hybrid registration was released that same month and someone had created a similar cross to my dismay.  That is how this hybrid of mine got the name of Passiflora ‘Atropos’.

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It is named for the Greek mythological fate that is known as inevitable.   Since this was a hybrid that I was excited about, to have a similar cross registered just seemed inevitable.

Passiflora ‘Atropos’ is one of my favorites.  It blooms for us in spring, summer and fall and it is quite prolific in doing so.  It was like it was built to deal with our heat!  The hummingbirds, bees and insects love this plant which makes me love it even more.  Passiflora ‘Atropos’ seems to be able to deal with a bit of cold with not too much damage.  The coldest we have ever tested her to is 22 degrees Fahrenheit.  She is a bunch of fun to have in the yard.